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We are happily accepting opportunities for partnerships, product reviews, ad space, sponsored and guest posts with brands that are a natural fit.

Shop for a Cause 
At Fusion Boutique we love to support the causes that our clients care about! If you are interested in having a Shop for a Cause event we are happy to host the event for you. It's simple: you pick the cause and get your friends together for a night of shopping fun and we do the rest! We are happy to help with the logistics of your event, provide light food, drinks and most importantly ensure you and your guests have a great time shopping for a cause. Then we will donate a portion of the sales that evening to the cause of your choice. For more info please contact us by clicking here.

Shop with a Stylist
At Fusion Boutique, we love to help each and every one of our clients meet their fashion and wardrobe goals. We can work with you one on one to find the look and style you are wanting.  Contact us here to set up an appointment.

We am happily accepting ads. If you think your brand fits with the Fusion Boutique aesthetic and will be of interest to readers, contact us by clicking here.

Items gifted to us are listed with 'c/o'. We only support products and brands I support and love.

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Privacy Policy
Fusion Boutique values its readers and their privacy. We will not share or sell any of your information listed on this site without your written consent. In some cases, Fusion Boutique uses affiliate programs and advertising to monetize content. If you click on a link to make a purchase or get more content, it may result in a commission for Fusion Boutique.  

Content is the single most important aspect of Fusion Boutique. Affiliates do not receive preferential treatment when considering items for editorial content.

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