Returns are only accepted if items are sent back in the 3 day timeframe. In order to receive your credit for the items you do not keep, you must have the enclosed shipping envelope postmarked and in the mail by the third day. (For example, if you receive your Wrapped Up package on the 3rd day of the month, you will have the 3rd, 4th and 5th to make your shopping selections. Returns would need to be postmarked by the 6th.) If the return package is not in the mail by the third day, your account will be charged for all items minus any discounts. Credit will not be given for packages that are returned late.

Styling fees are charged to your account each time your personal stylist begins creating your Wrapped Up package. The styling fee will be credited to your qualifying purchase.  Styling fees to not rollover to other packages. Styling fee is only credited if the amount you decide to keep meets the requirements per your requested package.  In the "Have an Event" package the styling fee is nonrefundable.  In the "My Perfect Outfit" package if you keep 3 or more items you save 10% and the styling fee is credited.  In the "Fill My Closet" package if you keep 6 or more items you save 10% and the styling fee is credited.