About Fusion Boutique

Fusion is a boutique located in West Des Moines, IA. For seven years we have been styling our clients in the latest trends while also incorporating timeless pieces that become closet favorites! Whether you need a day-to-night, special event, workout, casual or professional look, Fusion has what you need! Our staff is dedicated to finding the right pieces and each look will give you the confidence you need to positively impact the community around you.

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Sara Jacobson - Owner

I am the owner and founder of Fusion Boutique in West Des Moines, Iowa. I have always had a passion for fashion and decided the best decision was to pursue a BA in Merchandising Management with a fashion emphasis from The International College of Design and Technology in Chicago, Illinois. After college and nine years in the corporate retail setting, I was still always considering the business plan I had written in college for a boutique that would not only have a beauty bar but clothing as well. It was the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep that I was feeling the urge to fully realize this dream, "I have to open my boutique.” Then it came to me, I had never named my boutique and there it was - Fusion. 

Being a boutique owner is the best role for me because it fulfills my servant heart. I love life and serving others in a way that brings the best out of them individually. This includes finding the perfect outfit which will empower each woman in the world she lives. I serve on the Board of Directors for Dress For Success and this really speaks to what our mission is at Fusion, empowering women to be confident. The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. I am also a Presenter for the In/Exchange program. In/Exchange is a community of professional women supporting women surging forward on their intended paths. Women are inspired to reach their maximum potential by connecting the dots by strategic planning, prosperity principles and practicing extreme self care. I am also a Connector with the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce and appreciate the phenomenal business-to-business support of this group. 

Outside of the store, I enjoy spending time with my husband, taking my dog on runs, going to networking events, working out and spending time with friends. 

Get To Know Sara:

  1. Favorite social media platform? Facebook and Instagram. I love connecting with my friends, family and clients! It's a great way to keep up with everyone too!
  2. Favorite season? Definitely fall. I love the layered looks and wearing my boots.
  3. Favorite TV Show? It's a toss up between Big Bang Theory and The Voice.
  4. What's your personal style? I like a little bit of everything. It mostly depends on the occasion. For my daytime look I love a casual chic look, which is comfortable yet stylish at the same time. 
  5. Favorite drink at Starbucks? Hot chocolate with whip.
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Shelleena has been helping at Fusion Boutique since its inception in 2011. She was helping tag, steam and merchandise the store even before it was open. It's safe to say she is a true Fusionista. As many of you know, Shelleena is Sara's mom and is often times "mom" to many of us at the store. We love having her presence at Fusion Boutique! In the beginning Shelleena helped with floor coverage and has recently become the gift buyer for Fusion Boutique. She is very passionate about FusionGifts and wants to help customers have the opportunity to find the perfect item in this section! Some of Shelleena's favorite pastimes include shopping, watching a good movie, quilting, looking at family pictures and playing cards. Shelleena feels so blessed in life and says her most important jobs are being a wife of 35 years to her husband, mother to 3 children and grandmother to 3 grandchildren, with a fourth on the way!

Get To Know Shelleena

  1. What’s your closet like? Which one? The one with my spring/summer clothes or the one with my fall and winter wear? Or that other closet that houses my boots, shoes, and anything that won’t fit in the other two closets? I guess you could say that shopping is my cardio!
  2. What’s your personal style? Being a child of the 70’s, I have had to hang onto some of those fashion trends such as the poncho, tie dye, jeans and the maxi dress. However, I like to mix in whatever is “the latest” (as long as it is comfortable). I also keep all my favorites. Trust me, they will be back!
  3. What’s the one wardrobe essential you can’t live without? The black tankdress.
  4. Heels or Flats? No doubt – FLATS
  5. Celebrity Crush? When I was a teenager my crush was Donny Osmond.  I even wrote him a fan letter to tell him why I was the perfect match for him!


Karla is the newest team member at Fusion Boutique, accepting the full time position as Store Manager in November of 2015. She takes after her mom in the fact that she loves fashion and is inspired to help women look their best. As a child she pretended that Barbie was an independent woman with a thriving fashion business in New York City. Karla resides in the Waukee area with her two best friends Elway and Trinity, or Triny Mini as she's best known. Elway, her little love bug Beagle, and Trinity, her fashionista Chihuahua mix, live the pampered life and receive lots of spoiling from Karla! When Karla isn't taking walks with her dogs she enjoys going to concerts, haunted houses and cheering on the Denver Broncos. 

Get To Know Karla

  1. What does my closet look like? WALK IN and then some!!! Being in retail 15 years I have the shopping bug bad.
  2. Style Icon? The late great David Bowie. So iconic and genius!! He pushed the envelope and I love that. Stevie Nicks too. I love the effortless Boho Chic she does. Timeless perfection.
  3. Wardrobe essential? A black dress. Must have a black dress that makes you feel great. Essential in a single gals wardrobe when dating...it's a go to!
  4. Favorite TV show? The Simpsons.....I have loved them since I was a kid. Also I am addicted to The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.
  5. Celebrity Crush? Johnny Depp, he is odd, he is tattooed, he doesn't live by Hollywood guidelines (rebel/freespirit...kinda like me)...and those eyes.
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Stacy is a mom, wife and healthcare professional. She is multi-talented and has a sweet spirit about her. Stacy has been shopping at Fusion for more than 3 years and has been employed by Fusion for a little more than a year. Stacy enjoys playing volleyball, traveling and reading. Now that she's a new mom she is enjoying spending time with her baby as she says he is the happiest, goofiest and drooliest baby around. 

Get To Know Stacy

  1. Personal style? For fancy events, I go more classic with a fun twist. For everyday, I go for casual and color. I love bold prints, jewel tones and gold jewelry.
  2. Style Icon? Sara and her mom (Shelleena). They taught me everything I know and have personally assembled the majority of my go-to outfits.
  3. Heels or Flats? I love heels!!!!!  Although I can only last an hour before I start walking strange and change my mind to flats.
  4. Wardrobe essential? I can't live without my Chuck Taylors. Fusion is comfortable and classy, perfect for my well-worn kicks.
  5. One thing that might surprise people to hear? I'm a nurse! I work in out-patient services and peri-op. Fusion has been such a fun outlet to meet people, get involved in the community and learn something completely new to me!